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We preserve your memories by transferring your VHS tapes to digital formats (DVD, Hard drive, Etc.) We can convert all camcorder formats. Call Us Today!

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Transfer Your Old Tapes To DVD/Flash Drive

Northboro Media Can Help.

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Video Tapes To DVD Process

What we do… Your DVD or CD will have a surface which you can write on, and comes in its own slim, unbreakable case, rubber-banded to the original tape it was made from. You can then write the information that was on the tape directly onto the non-data side of the DVD, and then store the tape away. Tapes transferred to hard drive or flash media will be referenced to folders on the drive correlated with the original media, as well as the digital files made from them.

Why Transfer Old Tapes To DVD?

No one can be sure how long any given media format can be expected to stand the test of time. But by transferring your tape and film to newer formats, CDs, DVDs, hard drives and flash media, you will be making the best decision with information available today that the programs they contain will last for years to come.

Older Formats Won’t Last Forever

The life of these older formats is limited. Film recorded within the last fifty years can be expected to undergo chemical deterioration with consequent fading, color shifting, and general loss of image quality. Film stored in metal cans is susceptible to adverse chemical reactions between the film emulsion and the metallic elements in the can, leading to film deterioration. Tape is susceptible to mold, and also deterioration of the plastic base and metal emulsion that went into manufacturing it.

How Much Does It Cost?

Please call for pricing 508-393-9440. We discount for larger quantities. Discounts accrue over time. As you convert more tapes, the discount applies and the price goes down. If you have a large number of tapes, you might consider starting with a few now and convert on a regular schedule. Soon, they will all be done!


We’re In Northboro!

Think back to the days when you, your family and friends came together around that sentiment-laden four-by-seven time-travel device we now simply call a “VHS tape.” Pure magic, right? Unfortunately, the technology is rapidly changing, and the media of old is being replaced by superior and more reliable digital forms. However, people mistakenly assume that they can simply stow away their old photos, VHS tapes, 8mm formats, etc., in a drawer for some later time without any issues. The reality is that there might not be much left to see later on in the future because older media is constantly degrading due to natural chemical processes, which cause ongoing loss of quality and usability. Film recorded within the last fifty years undergoes actual chemical deterioration which causes things like fading, color shifting, and general loss of image quality. Moreover, film stored in metal cans is susceptible to really adverse chemical reactions between film emulsion and the metallic elements in the can itself. (Note: if any film that you have is stored in metal cans has signs of damage, remove it immediately and place in a plastic bags). When it comes to recording tape, we’re simply talking about magnetic particles that are glued to a strip of plastic. Doesn’t sound very durable, does it? As the tape ages, the glue dries out and the magnetic particles flake away, taking your program with them. Once that footage or audio is gone, it’s gone for good.


Northboro Media (formerly Paxton Media) specializes in transferring your older recordings to the very latest formats like CD, hard drives and flash media, or VHS to DVD in Worcester MA. We recommend that programs in older media formats, such as film and recording tape be converted to the newer formats for optimum usability in any case. We have decades of experience in recording technology and we specialize in making high-quality analog-to-digital conversions to forms like hard drives, CDs and flash media, including VHS to DVD, in Worcester MA. If you were to permanently lose those nostalgic memories of the past, nothing else would be able to replace them. You wouldn’t be able to go to the corner store to buy back recordings of your childhood memories, footage of a loved one, or your family legacy. If you have analog content like photos, 8mm film, or videotape, it’s your in your best interest to your future generations to preserve it in digital format! With our quality conversions of VHS to DVD in Worcester MA, your priceless memories and family legacy will last for many years to come.


Our customer service is highly rated. We treat your media with great care, because we know how valuable a memory can be. Our commitment to our clients is that you will receive the highest quality conversion of VHS to DVD, in Worcester MA. Our team can work with virtually any recording format including camcorder tape, 8mm and 16mm film, and also audio tape, and we can move your old formats into new digital formats that will be compatible with today’s players and readers. Our rates are very reasonable and competitive with other converter of VHS to DVD in Worcester MA. Why not let us help you keep those moments that matter most? Get in touch with us today and preserve your generations-to-come moments to talk about, grin about, and be happy about. Transfer any media, cassette, audio, photo and VHS to DVD in Worcester, MA and never risk losing your content again! Call now for all your needs of media conversion, and VHS to DVD in Worcester MA – 508-393-9440

Gold-Standard VHS to DVD in the Worcester MA area.

Analog-to-digital conversions is what we do best, and we offer quality VHS to DVD in Worcester MA that is nothing less than the gold standard. With today’s technology, we’re able to convert analog content into a digital form that retains original quality, sound and video. We’ll make sure to identify the best possible storage medium or device for your analog media, to ensure best current practices of optimum playback, stable quality, and protection from corruptibility. Save your content by trying our conversion of VHS to DVD. In Worcester, Massachusetts, Northboro Media is the place that many customers trust for all their media conversion needs. Northboro Media are the experts when it comes to VHS to DVD in Worcester, MA. After conversion is complete, your DVD or CD will have a surface which you can write on, and comes in its own slim, unbreakable plastic case, rubber-banded to the original tape that it was made from. You can write the information that was on the tape onto the DVD surface and simply store the tape away. Your hard drive or flash media will contain folders named with the original media, and containing the digital files made from it. When it comes to converting media like VHS to DVD in Worcester MA, it literally can’t get any easier than that. No matter what kind, we can work with virtually ANY media format you have. Your memories are just too important! 
 Imagine sharing videos of your marriage, childhood moments or special occasions with your kids and grandkids, and building a bond that intimately connects your family through history. Our quality conversions of VHS to DVD in Worcester MA are an important step in making all of that possible. When you bring your videos or audio tapes to us, we’ll return your old media along with new digital formats within a timely manner. When everything is said and done, we outright offer one of the simplest and best processes for turning VHS to DVD in Worcester MA. Don’t wait another minute! Every second that goes by is a pixel lost, or color and audio quality compromised. Save your media with our quality conversion of VHS to DVD in Worcester MA.

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